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World of Warcraft community for players on the Ursin server

World of Warcraft - Ursin Server
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This is a community designed for those who play World of Warcraft on the Ursin server.
We're not guild-specific or faction specific.

All that is required is that you bow before the might of the Horde. :D

What is this community used for? Organizing raid, instance, and battleground parties, informing others of when you'll be on, boasting about your latest pvp conquests or gear aquisitions, promoting guilds, posting fun/informative links, and just helping each other out with quests or gear. Ad infinitum.

It is also to take the WoW-related stress off our personal journals.

Feel free to join and post away. Some of us (well, all of us really) know eachother IRL, but don't let that keep you away. We're pretty friendly when we've had our caffeine.